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Decanter Deluxe
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Our metal decanters offer a stylish and durable option for storing and serving wine, champagne and spirits. Personalising our metal decanters will add a unique touch and make them more meaningful to your brand, business or for special occasions or as gifts. We offer personalised face plates with the following:

Custom Designs: Work with our designers to create a custom design that reflects your interests, the occasion, or a meaningful symbol. This design can be applied to the decanter’s face plates.

Monograms: Monogramming involves adding the recipient’s initials in an elegant and decorative way to the face plates. This classic personalisation option can add a touch of sophistication to the decanter.

Color Options: While our metal decanters are made from stainless steel, you can still personalise them with colour. Choose between Gold or Silver or if you have a unique request we would love to discuss your requirements.

Message or Quote: Engrave a special message, quote, or inside joke that holds significance to the recipient. This personal touch can make the decanter a cherished keepsake.

Event or Corporate Branding: If you’re personalising decanters for corporate events or gifting, you could incorporate the company logo, name, or branding elements into the design.

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